The Challenge

Socialtyze wanted to optimize on the job performance of its employees, increase productivity and reduce time wasted at work. Socialtyze also wanted to generate awareness of healthy eating and fitness in order to increase employee energy, health and combat the afternoon slump.

The Solution

Socialtyze tapped LyfeBuzz to take over the weekly snack delivery and provide its employees with healthy, creative food and beverage options that reduce sugar, transfats and soda consumption. Monthly nutrition and wellness trainings taught cutting edge health topics, cooking and travel hacks in a fun format that engaged employees. The team also attended monthly SoulCycle classes to increase fitness and boost team spirit.


Overall Health

45% Increase in:
Employees feeling better about their health


75% Increase in:
Stable energy throughout the day


93% Increase in:
Sustained Focus




378% Increase in:
People exercising 11+ p/month


18% Improvement on:
Coping with stress on the job


33% Increase in:
 People working at a potential of 75%+





Linda’s health program completely transformed my team in only 6 months. I have seen more energy and positivity among my employees and they absolutely love the healthy snack bar she curates weekly for the office. 

The best part is the anonymous questionnaire that they fill out quarterly, showing happier and more productive employees which I feel is directly attributable to Linda’s work.”

- John, CEO, Socialtyze
As an avid snacker, Linda’s program reshaped my mind (and body) to fueling my cravings with the right kinds of foods that would keep me satisfied and energized throughout the day.

Her meal recommendations have not only increased my productivity within the workspace, but have also altered my meal habits at home by introducing me to so many amazing healthy, but more importantly, delicious replacement options.”

- Jessica, Senior Account Manager, Socialtyze